Our Mission

      Our mission is to provide consumers with safe, natural and nutritious agricultural by-products and to create a better future for our communities and teams.

  • We are committed to providing consumers with quality, health, and safety pre-packaged agricultural by-products.We are committed to providing consumers with quality wines around the world to meet the wishes and needs of consumers.
  • We focus on creating a platform for workers who want to get a fantastic career and a brilliant life.
  • We always adhere to ethical principles, create content and products in a responsible manner, maintain a respectful working environment, invest in the community and protect the environment, and achieve sustainable green development of society, communities, and businesses.

     The history of Canada Grand Enterprises Inc.is not quite long but it has been on the road to progress, over the past decade we’ve made our mark in the industry.

      In 2008, Canada Grand Winery Inc. was established, mainly engaged in the processing, production and import and export of wines.
      In 2012, Canada Grand Enterprises Inc. was founded and began to offer customers around the globe a comprehensive portfolio of edible oils, wines, grains, and honey from commodities to specialties, as well as superior technical support.
       In 2013, Canada Grand Enterprises Inc. merged and reorganized Canada Grand Winery Inc.
       In 2016, Canada Grand Enterprises Inc. becomes fully sustainable.
       In 2018, Canada Grand Enterprises Inc. celebrated its 10th anniversary and was honored as one of the recipients of the Canadian Department of Agriculture's Export of Exporters of Excellence in Agriculture.
       In 2019, Canada Grand Enterprises Inc. established a new edible oil production line in Alberta, Canada.

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 Key Milestones

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