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Flaxseed Oil

Canada Gold Top Organics -- 100% Non-GMO Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil

Product Origin: Canada
Product Composition: 100% cold pressed linseed oil
Product Specifications: 250ml, 500ml
Shelf Life: 2 years
Edible Method: drink directly or add to your daily diet

Why Choose Flaxseed Oil

Canadian flaxseed oil is healthy, green, sunny, safe, non-GMO, is the best source of omega-3, and is a guarantee for your high quality and healthy life.

Flaxseed oil is called “liquid gold” and can be supplemented with a sufficient amount of Ω3 for only 20 mg of flaxseed oil per day.

Flaxseed oil can improve infant intelligence, improve adolescents' memory and prevent senile dementia. At the same time, linseed oil also has links to inhibit inflammation and improve human immunity. For women, it also helps to lose weight and skin care.

Non-GMO cold pressed linseed oil is golden in color, transparent and free of impurities, and it tastes mellow and sweet.