【Product Name】Clover Snow Honey

【Product Origin】Alberta
【Ingredients】Natural clover honey, no additives, no antibiotics
【Specifications】375g, 500g, 1000g
【Shelf Life】5 years
【Directions】can be eaten directly or softened with warm water
【Precautions】do not feed honey to infants under 1

      McKenzie's is the largest snow honey producer in Alberta, Canada. McKenzie's carefully selects wildflowers as a source of honey to provide customers with high-quality snow honey. McKenzie's has never changed the way of production. Natural, green, and non-polluting honey sources provide a unique condition for McKenzie's to produce high-quality snow, honey.

Make It Healthier Every Day

     With more than 150 years of beekeeping history, Alberta is recognized as the “Best Base for Beekeeping in the World” and is recognized as the “The Capital of Honey” in the world. The locals call it “the Capital of Gold Fairy Medicine”.
     McKenzie's hive is in Sri Hills, the beekeeping center in Alberta. McKenzie's honey comes from a sunny steppe in western Canada, which covers thousands of square miles. Natural clover honey is collected from the best environment by the best bees. Siri Hills is at 51 degrees north latitude, close to the Rocky Mountains and less than 100 kilometers away from Banff National Park.

The Capital of Honey


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