Brand Introduction

     TwinFood Canada is produced in Alberta. Twinfood has been committed to the production of wheat products. The company's factories use high-quality management standards. The commitment to product quality is the top priority of Twinfood. Alberta is a high-quality production area for barley, wheat, oats, etc. The soil here is a black land that is very suitable for the growth of wheat and cereals. The soil is rich in trace elements and minerals. The cereals here have a long growth period, and they are high in protein content, organically grown, green and non-polluting, which also make Alberta be the best crop-producing areas.

Low-temperature Cold Pressing Process

        Twinfood uses a controlled low-temperature process, which retains the oil’s natural color and flavor. Makers of cold-pressed canola oil usually don’t use any other chemical or mechanical processes either, preferring to keep the oil as natural as possible.

         Canola oil and Flaxseed oil is lower in saturated fat than any other oil but abundant in monounsaturated fatty acids. The latter has been shown to help lower bad cholesterol and to reduce the risk of heart disease.

         Low levels of saturated fats and high level of monounsaturated fats make this cold-pressed organic oil a staple for every health-conscious chef or home cook and cold-pressed canola oil is best used as a finishing touch on dishes where you can appreciate its unique flavor. Drizzle it over vegetables, salads, and soups, dip chunks of fresh bread in it, or add a dash to top off dressings and marinades. 

        Opt for canola and Flaxseed oil that has been cold-pressed, meaning it was extracted from canola seeds using a press in a heat-controlled environment. This method preserves flavor and nutrients for the highest quality.

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